New Lapesa vaporizer

Capacity 2000 kg/h

© Lapesa.

Aboveground LNG-tanks 4 m3 - 320 m3


Tank containers for transporting LNG

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Suomen kaasutekniikka Oy is authorized importer for Lapesa LPG-tanks and -vaporizers

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Lapesa - under ground LPG-tanks 6 m3 - 400 m3

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Suomen kaasutekniikka Oy

Burning LPG gas tanks empty

© Marko Kinnunen 2015

Suomen kaasutekniikka Oy

Talvivaara 2 x 300 cc tank maintenance

© Marko Kinnunen 2015

First Lapesa propane tank installation at the end of May 2017

Installed in North-Carelia

The tank is 99m3 in size

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Our industry


Installation and maintenance of LPG-, LPG- and bio equipment. Sales of valves, tanks and safety devices.

Our operating area

We operate throughout Finland and Estonia.

Our services

24/7 maintenance.


We tailor service and maintenance plans and instructions for our customers.